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Oscar A Verified

Love it . It has all information need it and straight to the point

Marvin E Verified

This is great , don't have to be in a class , no drive it just fantastic thanks

Raul Q Verified

Lots of information jammed into one class

Ricardo V Verified

very educational, well needed

Timothy L Verified

The course was great and gave a lot of good information. Covered some very important topics.

Aaron J Verified


Brian G Verified

Very good course, easy to understand and a nice option to have nice voice talking as you read along.

Brandon Z Verified

Awesome course

Yodai T Verified

There being a clip duration for each section was helpful for pacing.

Kenneth Z Verified


Bryan C Verified

I like the information that is given.It makes you realize the hazards and also ways to prevent issues.

Karen R Verified

Great information presented in an easy to understand fashion

Thomas M Verified

This course was very interesting but not relevant to the equipment that we use at our locations.

Ryo K Verified

Good course, however it was mostly irrelevant to my line of work. But that might be my companies fault for requiring us to do very detailed crane work, and it can still be good knowledge!

Teijiro N Verified

I would have like more interaction with the course to help me learn. For example add more questions to the quizzes at the end of the section. Otherwise it was a good course.

Lucian G Verified

Very good content; very easy to use; zero technical issues.

Joseph G Verified

I like the format and presentation of material. Nice I do online.

Darren L Verified

Great, highly informative material. Well done!

Venkata N Verified

I am a dental assistant and most of the topics covered are related to my profession. I found topics on fire protection and electrical safety were extensive for me.

Kenneth C Verified

Quick, easy, and the most cost effective course.

Ibrahim Y Verified

The course was effective and informative

Andrew S Verified

Great course thank you for this!

Taylor W Verified

It was great

Tyrone H Verified

The course material was very informative for the air cargo industry.

Roy L Verified

Course was thorough and provided extensive information regarding transporting Hazmat via air transportation.

Juan R Verified

Muy bueno este curso por que te enseña cosas interesantes y cosas que no sabes las cuales son muy importantes para tu día a día en el trabajo y regulaciones importantes.....

Zaki B Verified

thank god for this course

Sharod C Verified

The course was very informative

Troy H Verified

This class was very informative and easy to understand with the voice readbacks. I understood them better than reading them straight. Great Class!!

Byron A Verified

It was a great experience. Thank you for an extensive training. Even though I have my Hazmat endorsement I fill more competent and aware. Thank you. I'm very grateful.

Ivan P Verified

It was excellent!!

Erik Z Verified

Very easy to use

Marcus D Verified

I learned a lot with this course.

Evan C Verified

it was a awesome class learned a lot see you in three years

Pradeep S Verified

Great experience

Rodney P Verified

the test was nice and Challenging

Vladimir T Verified

Thank you very much for the teaching material. I recommend you to everyone. I took the test with three attempts, although I was 100 percent sure that I knew everything - but it turned out it was not. Thank you for refreshing my memory and re-reading and learning all the material - this is very useful

Dave M Verified

Good course. Liked the self check questions and he case studies were interesting.

Juan M Verified

The course was very detailed and provided the needed training for me to level up my knowledge as a Class A HAZMAT TANKER driver.

Francisco E Verified

very good training, a little confusing but it is good

Oswald W Verified

The Course was very informative and took me through every section of the book with examples and real life events of accidents caused due to dangerous goods.

Scott C Verified

I enjoyed this training and the content.

Keith L Verified

In-Depth course and exam.

Matthew C Verified

This course was great, very thorough and a challenge!!!

Noli C Verified

just listen in audio carefully and you can answer it right

Prakit C Verified

I have learned a lot about hazmat and how it’s regulated, how to handle, transport and safety procedures, this has been an amazing course to me , I have lot more knowledge now and that will surely help me .

So H Verified

It's a really informative class, the learning experience is good, love the self check sessions in between so that I can review the previous session.

Angel R Verified

The DOT HAZMAT Training Course was very detailed and easy to follow. The amount of material provided gives you a better understanding of the guidelines and restrictions on the transportation of hazardous goods. Thank you!

Scott T Verified

Great course for online. plenty of information and well designed. Great that it also had audio would have fell asleep if I had to read it all.

Emilio N Verified

It was a great course.

Janna W Verified

This course was very thorough and well done. I like the self check questions at the end of each section so that I could tell if I should go back and review that section again.

Ramon C Verified

The training was well explained.

Patti C Verified

A very good class! Important items highlighted and easily understood!

Tommy G Verified

The information was well put together to ease understanding while providing as much information possible.

Griffin Y Verified

The training system was very thorough. I wish I would have been taking notes along the way for my own records. Being able to review the exam helped me understand what areas I need to go over again to ensure I retain the information.

Allen A Verified

It was very informative and up to date on everything.

Jared S Verified

I thought this Course was very informative and well thought out. Slides were easy to follow and being able to come back and pick up where I left off was an appreciated feature.

Ana G Verified

Great course, very interesting to learn while we are in operation activities

Antwan G Verified

Very specific and detailed information.

Cheryl B Verified

This course was very insightful about what everyone must do when handling, transporting, using materials that could harm another human, wildlife etc. and helps us to understand what great lengths are put into place for those people handling hazardous materials every day.

Leo H Verified

Simple to operate.

Andrew G Verified

very informative course. a lot of very useful information

Ann B Verified

Always a good review. It seems something new jumps out each time I take the course.

Christian K Verified

Good experience learned a lot.

Matthew J Verified

I like that the information was presented in a straightforward and condensed manner

Jayden S Verified

I thought it was a very informative course. I would recommend to thoroughly read each slide until you fully understand what's being taught, then go to the next lesson.

Lisa K Verified

Good course. Some slides could benefit from more applicable images to support the material discussed on those particular slides.

Nicholas B Verified

Informative and well organized, but would have appreciated a print out or PDF of all the information gathered to review for future reference.

Laura C Verified

Great Class!

Alexander L Verified

Very insightful course!

Erin S Verified

Great course. Very informative and I like the voices reading the slides.

Victoria L Verified

This was my first time and it was a very good experience!

Lutraily P Verified

it was a long but informative experience.

Jared S Verified

It was very long but full of useful information. The self assessments really did help.

Dustin H Verified

Great course!

Rosalind M Verified

The course provided so useful information.

Amanda L Verified

Very Informative :)

Lisa H Verified

This was very informative.

Justen D Verified

I think the course was great lots of information to retain but taking notes is essential.

Shatara M Verified

WOW! that was alot to retain but proven to work :)

Catherine B Verified

This was a very informative training and the quiz asked great questions.



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