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What People Are Saying

Here is some randomly selected feedback from the 326,000+ courses our customers have taken.

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Alex B Verified

Good refresher training. Thanks

Juan R Verified

It offers a lot of useful information on safety hazards and compliance that can save your or a coworkers life, when working on job site. As well as what to do and what procedures to follow when presented with a situation.

Arturo M Verified

It's an excellent Course very highly recommend it

Eduardo D Verified

Great and detailed Course, good questions overall to test the content.

Mario D Verified

Muy bueno

Gerardo R Verified

It was great. I learned a great deal. Thanks

Erik S Verified

This course will help me have a better success in the company. I was able to translate as well when I was having difficulty. I appreciate this test and learned new things. Thank you.

Nathan J Verified

it was a good refresher

Samuel M Verified

This course was amazing! It helped me so much! I passed the test on the first try.

David L Verified

Buena información!!

Patrick D Verified

The website works.

Brock M Verified

An easy to follow lesson and very helpful. The narration helped keep things simple and understanding.

Avimael R Verified

It was a good knowledge.

Jeff G Verified

Simple and easy-to-use interface.

Marco G Verified

Very educational, tought me more thn what i was already familiar with.

Raul R Verified

I enjoyed the training and I liked how it came with a read along audio

Kevin G Verified

Thank you for this opportunity.

Leonardo S Verified

The training course was good.

Tommy T Verified

Very confusing questions,overall good quality

Martin R Verified

El estudio fue muy bueno porque me refresco todas las reglas y el examen cubre muy bien lo repasado. Gracias por la información.

Thomas Verified

I very liked that course.

John C Verified

covered all the bases was well sequenced

Daniel M Verified

It was interesting and very helpful.

George P Verified

The course had good information and didn't have alot of useless information like some courses do.

Vilius R Verified

Great course, well put together and flowed really nicely from one topic to the next. Good over all inclusion of information for Fall protection requirements.

Shawn M Verified

Tricky wording of a few questions keeps you on your toes but is a little unfair. Then again, nothing fair about falling to your death either. Good test.

Christopher A Verified

It's informative, and would definitely recommend to my coworkers. In fact I was recommended the course by a coworker.

Sara L Verified

This was very helpful and infpormational.

Jared P Verified

Excellent course

Josh L Verified

The updated interface is considerably more pleasant to look at for long periods of study. I would recommend having a second voice for the audio material so that there is a change between pages to keep listeners engaged.

Francine L Verified

Thank you so much for having the writing and the audio for people who can learn Auditorio and visually

Justin G Verified

This was an excellent class its easy to get complacent in the knowledge and can be taken for granted this was good.

Steven M Verified

Good course. Helpful in many ways.

Gregory C Verified

Very helpful

Joseph C Verified

This was a very good course and learning experience. I will recommend this course to their people. Thank you!

Allan K Verified

It was good, flowed along nicely and had quite a bit of information I hadn't heard before

Rohan B Verified

Good course.

Jose D Verified

I'm so happy that I make it

Jerry W Verified

The course was great and very helpful.

Gregory C Verified


Antonio L Verified

Thanks So much, I really love the course

Brad R Verified

Great course

Dennis B Verified

Very good course.

Steven M Verified

Good course. Maybe a little more on kitchen fires and grease.

Gregory K Verified

Informative and well put together course.

Reinard B Verified

Good explanation. Thank you.

Yesenia R Verified

I'm feeling more confident to help at my work place or home in case of a small fire. Very good course. Thank you.

Justin G Verified

This was a great class very informative.

Janice M Verified

Very helpful learning material around use of fire extinguishes in the event of a fire and/or flareup situations in and out of a work environment.

Aniya H Verified

It was very informative, the stories in the course helped a lot with realizing just how important safety is.

Tony C Verified

I think it was great and I’m reading to begin my career in forklift driving

Mario C Verified

it was an excellent course and taught me a lot about forklifts that I didn't know before

Nicole L Verified

I absolutely loved the course. It allowed for me to take notes for future use. It gave me a lot of useful information i did not know before this. Thank you for providing this course.

Ricardo R Verified

Very good and informative and easy to learn

Mikailah M Verified

It was good.

Cruz O Verified

The course is well established and provides clear and well shown information.

Gerardo M Verified

Like it because you don’t have to do it all in one sitting. You can work or take breaks then continue.

Craig M Verified

The test and all materials covered the basics of PIT operation as well as they should.

Tim K Verified

I have had training several times in this area in past years. This was the best and most informative forklift training I have experienced.

Noah Y Verified

This course gives you a lot of information to take in. This information is very helpful and necessary to operate equipment safely and accurately.

Anthony L Verified

thanks the course was easy

Kaye N Verified

This course is very well thought out and put together. Thank you.

Gabe C Verified

This is a very informal training course that provides great resources for a number of situations regarding operating a forklift.

Brandon S Verified

Great information, clearly spoken narration, 10/10

Kenneth V Verified

I had a very pleasant experience and this course and test is very thorough and informative.

Shania N Verified


James M Verified

Very good practical instruction. Well thought out questions that make the student think about each question carefully. Thank you for allowing me to participate.

Jaron C Verified

great exam.

Chris B Verified

Great course!

Paul C Verified

This course should be mandatory for all personal that have to operate a forklift.

Kim C Verified

This was a pleasure to take, as you made it simplified to understand.

Carl W Verified

Good program very clear and easy to understand

Ryke O Verified

Very through course. Very well done thx

James A Verified

The course is informational and easy to understand.

Shawn W Verified

A good tricky but easy test!

Julio M Verified

Thank u for giving me the chance to get my forklift certification. Is mean alot to me

Duane R Verified

It was a good course and covered many aspects of operating a fork lift that I was not aware of before.

Dennis J Verified

This is an excellent course with great details and explanation. I highly recommend it to maintain OSHA compliance and for the safety of your employees when operating or working near a forklift

Joe G Verified

This is a well written and presented course. It covers the points that are most important. I appreciate the level at which the information was presented. It made me think.

Samuel M Verified

I thought your training course was great. You had a lot of great training material.

Justin D Verified

It was informative enough to introduce the basics of forklift operation and the examples seemed effective enough to make me aware of my surroundings more so on a forklift.



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