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What People Are Saying

Here is some randomly selected feedback from the 326,000+ courses our customers have taken.

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Jose T Verified

The compliance training course was very efficient to navigate. Also the training is extremely helpful.

Suzana C Verified

good content and easy to navigate

Per R Verified

Thanx for a fine course.

Dr. Klaus M Verified

Thank you, a very helpful course.

Elsa E Verified

ey informative, concise and short considering all of the information

Ginger C Verified

I am very pleased with this process. It was very straightforward.

Mike M Verified

Fantastic training course, the reading was all very well enunciated and clearly understandable. My only suggestion would be that not -every- abbreviation be redundantly re-read. (i.e. should stand for i.e. and not in example every other paragraph... lol) (It kind of distracts from what is being taught)... But all in all, very helpful and useful! Thanks

Renee G Verified

Thank you, I wanted to be better educated, and am very happy to learn more about lasers!

Christopher L Verified

It was fine. Thank you.

Brenda H Verified

I learned a lot from this test

Dan P Verified

Good exam and review of the basics.

Tammy D Verified

This course was easy to follow and very informative.

Dennis B Verified

Very good course. Easy to navigate.

Alberto P Verified

excelente curso para el aprendizaje de la seguridad al trabajar con laser.

Justin P Verified

Very informative and easy to use.

Ian B Verified

The course was very comprehensive. Being US Based, there was alot of ref to US Federal law, which might not be appropriate to UK law. In general, it was a good course

Pizza B Verified

It was a very interesting course and learned something new today.

Mike F Verified

I found this class to be very helpful. I've used laser extensively at previous jobs, but this served as a useful reminder of the hazards. The descriptions of actual accidents get your attention!

Debra L Verified

The training system was easy to use. The course was very thorough and informative. The test solidified that I was proficient in my understanding of the information.

Al D Verified

Excellent online course. Learned a lot about laser safety.

Adrian N Verified

A very interesting safety course. I would have never thought that a laser can be such a dangerous device. Usually I tend to work without eyewear but after taking this course safety glasses are very important & are a must whenever you're working with laser technology.

Sandiola A Verified

Greatly informative and helpful.

Russel D Verified

Very good and efficient way of training. Nice resources, and easy to understand!

Mark J Verified

It was was very relaxing to do online.

Richard P Verified

Very informative.

Yehoshua M Verified

it was easy

Kristi S Verified

Very convenient for busy companies.

George K Verified

Self paced and informative.

Fernando P Verified


Charles D Verified

Exelent program !!

Ryan C Verified

it was great

Cleveland H Verified

I learned how to keep myself my family and workplace safe

Fernando B Verified

Awesome experience with you guys.. I will tell all my friend to get the course from here.

Rafael M Verified

Bastante buena, gracias.

Juan V Verified

this course was full of information that was seen in the final exam. I would recommend this lead certification class to my other fellow construction employees.

Erez S Verified

Great course interesting and at the same time allowed me To go at my own pace

Lawrence D Verified

Good training program and easy to follow

Flavio V Verified

Safety first thanks

Vincent L Verified

Very informative.

Aaron W Verified

its a great source to keep you fresh on lead exposure in the workplace

Jeffery M Verified

Very informative course.

Teon P Verified

Very informative

Efren S Verified

I like it very clear

John H Verified

Very informative and better than sitting through an all day class

Trenton C Verified

Great test, learned a lot.

Ryan D Verified

Simplicity at its finest

Tristan D Verified

This was very informational and I learned a lot!

Nikolaos T Verified

Informative and helpful. I learned a lot.

Andri R Verified

great training

Nathaniel P Verified

Thorough while still getting to the point.

Norma R Verified

Information presented in training very easy to follow.

Kurt D Verified

Good course! The short slide format kept me engaged.

Scott M Verified

the layout is user friendly, to the point, and very informative..

Bernard W Verified

Good basic training in a simple to understand format

Raquel B Verified

Todo muy bien

Hosain M Verified

good training

Nure A Verified


Nay L Verified

good trianing

Ye M Verified

thanks nice course

Thet N Verified

nice, thanks

Franz M Verified

good training, can learn about basic knowledge in lead.

Thomas B Verified

great program

Steven S Verified

Packed full of useful information

Odailton B Verified

It was very helpful

Patrick T Verified

Easy and inexpensive.

John P Verified

Excellent. Easy to use and understand.

Aaron W Verified

This course covered the material thoroughly.

Henri D Verified

This course was informational as well as descriptive.

Arnold R Verified

Great experience and quick learning. Thanks.

Wade R Verified

This is a good course.

Mark A Verified

very informative and practical in real world applications. examples of tragic accidents were important to convey severity of following proper procedures.

Ruben M Verified

Awesome look foreward to more

David R Verified

Informative material for LOTO procedures.

Eric H Verified

Good class to start off in the right direction of Loto.

Lee M Verified

Well done. Tons of great safety information.

Guillermo R Verified

This course was very well constructed into simplifying all the angles regarding safety of Lock-Out Tag-Out.

Timothy S Verified

It was beneficial and educational

Thomas S Verified

The Fundamental's of this course helps affected employees from Accidents and possible Death

Wyatt G Verified

to ez lol google is good

Calvin N Verified

Well done training and easy to access.

Michael V Verified

I like the test



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