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What People Are Saying

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Olivia A Verified

This was a great online course outlining the dangers of benzene and how to maintain a safe working environment.

Ashley P Verified

I feel better knowing all of this is around me constantly, and how I can be better to protect myself and others, thank you.

Manilyn O Verified

This is helpful.Thank you.

Alica M Verified

Actually got more info then I thought I was going to. Things things have changed. Thanks for the update.

Alice H Verified

Good course!

Randall W Verified

Easy to navigate, great info, not an overload of information.

Gabriel B Verified

Blunt and straightforward. Thanks.

Sachin D Verified

Excellent and very well organized course material and questionnaire.

Regina S Verified

Easy, informative, succinct and great price!

Jonas V Verified

Seems pretty good, I guess

John R Verified

Good solid start to understand bloodborne pathogens

Dalia A Verified

This course was easy to follow and very informative.

Jason M Verified

Good information ever one should know about.

Jack S Verified

The case studies make the course interesting.

John G Verified

Direct and to the point! Balanced.

Mikailah M Verified

I think this experience was well taught.

Jared L Verified

Good class

Raul R Verified

I enjoyed how the course encourages you to participate.

Nick R Verified

Was a good training

Danah D Verified


Trevor W Verified

It was easy an good thank you

Donald R Verified

Great information for awareness!

Frank P Verified

A very informative and professional layout of course process.

Peter N Verified

Good training modules and easy to fallow, user friendly.

Michael S Verified

The course was interesting and informative. The case studies brought to light the serious dangers of entering a confined space and made it clear how important it is to pre test confined spaces before entry and only enter confined spaces with the appropriate PPE.

Daniel H Verified

Good lesson

Anthony D Verified

Great course, learned a lot!

Melissa G Verified

This was a good training course

Daryl M Verified

Very eye opening to the multiple causes and dangers on a jobsite.

Masaharu N Verified

It was great opportunity for me to get more understanding of confined spaces.

Dewayne S Verified

I like the training course it seem to go over everything that I need to know.

Brian B Verified

Very important to know live and death relies on safety.

Jose R Verified

Good training material.

Joshua W Verified

This course was thorough and allowed me to work at my own pace during the course of my work day.

Danny V Verified


Bret S Verified

great program

Jillian W Verified

Good training. I like that it let me go at my own pace.

Alexis P Verified

Es muy importante saber cada uno de las causas y estar alerta ante ellas

Selvin G Verified

Muy bueno es de gran ayuda

Cooper A Verified

Very informative course!

Wilbar S Verified

realmente util para no morir desempenando el trabajo

Jossue O Verified

Great course and will use this knowledge for the safety of my coworkers and myself.

Tim O Verified

Very good course. The narrator talked a bit fast, so i had to get into the habit of pausing when needed to fully comprehend. But overall, very informative.

Henry B Verified

Excellent class

Jose B Verified

Great class

Clint H Verified

Excellent class, great format!

Troy K Verified

This course was quick and informative and very user friendly.

Yorley L Verified

Muy bueno, gracias.

Matthew M Verified

Good course with clarity and well read.

Cesar D Verified

It's good. It's straightforward. And understandable.

Jose C Verified

It's very straightforward and helps you understand every detail of what each roles and what's needs to be done.

Samuel C Verified

The course is straight on and tell explains thoroughly.

Gilberto P Verified

It was Godinez

David R Verified

Very informative course, thank you

Fred B Verified

Excellent informative class.

Sealtiel T Verified

Awesome, very informative information. Pleasant experience in my opinion, thanks for allowing me to learn more of the safety topics discussed in this program.

Luiz M Verified

Extremely informative.

Ryan H Verified

Thank you for sharing the real life examples, it was helpful to see how easily an accident can happen.

Robert G Verified

Great course. Well done.

Logan L Verified

It was overall as good onlIne class.

Moses G Verified

Great easy course. Thanks.

Vijay R Verified

Good course, online delivery is convenient.

Tania G Verified

Interesting course. Thank you.

Francisco R Verified

Este curso esta muy bien para orientar a las personas. ya que muchas veces nosotros como empleados no somo orientados a los que estamos expuestos en nuestros trabajos. Gracias por el entrenamiento y informacion.

Emmanuel P Verified

Great course, Clear and concise.

Jose L Verified

This course was very informative and does a good job at providing tools and guidance. The case studies resonated the most with because they really prove that accidents can happen to anyone and for the most part they can be avoided.

Ed P Verified

Good overview of electrical safety but several sections do not pertain to our Engineering Laboratory Environment.

Miranda S Verified

It was a decent course

Jose C Verified

The course is great and straightforward.

Mason R Verified

20 year electrician taking this test and surprised how many interesting facts I learned. Thanks for putting this together.

Chris J Verified

The course is very informative.

Jovan G Verified

It was fine. A lot of information to swallow all at once, so I think that periodic reminders about important safety practices would be helpful. Maybe a safety newsletter?

Merlin M Verified

The combination of visual and auditory material presented greatly assisted in the learning and memorization of these safety standards while streamlining the training and ensuring a lack of stagnation on any particular topic. Including case studies also solidified key factors to be aware of on the job.

Antonio F Verified

i feel like either im taking a bad vitamin or the government it beaming me with theta brain waves to make me slower, or maybe im just drinking too much caffeine u_u idk im just really tired

Danny P Verified

The course is informative and user friendly. The audio helps me understand the topic much better.

Jorge T Verified

I enjoyed this course because it refreshed my memory of what I knew and to what I learned. I enjoyed the listening and reading along with automated voice.

Jesus V Verified

Thank you ! very informative

Martin N Verified

Very informative

Logan W Verified

the case studies were interesting

Alberto M Verified

Great refresher course. Highly recommend it to others.

Jill R Verified

Great course very informative and well put together. Holds the attention of the student well.



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