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OSHA General Online Training Certification Courses

From the highest rated and most trusted online training company - since 2008.

We offer a wide selection of online courses based on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's general industry regulations for all employees and employers (see complete list below).

Training can begin immediately anywhere there is an Internet connection. Upon successful completion the student will have immediate access to a printable certificate and wallet card.

Our online certification courses are engaging and interactive, which helps students understand and retain important information for identifying, controlling, and preventing worksite hazards and accidents. General safety certifications online also educate workers about their rights as employees, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint related to job-related hazards.

OSHA is responsible for creating and enforcing the environmental, health, and safety standards that keep workers safe on the job. OSHA general safety standards set training requirements for general industry employers. These regulations cover things like disposal of hazardous materials, required personal safety equipment, permitted noise levels, and fall protection.

General safety training online gives employees the necessary knowledge to identify and remedy safety hazards encountered on the job. OSHA inspects workplaces to ensure that all the regulations are being followed to reduce chances of accident or injury.

Workers who complete OSHA general certifications online will experience fewer accidents and injuries, which helps boost company morale. Companies also benefit from consistent safety training because OSHA civil penalties can be as much as $13,494 per violation. Companies found with willful or repeated violations can incur penalties as large as $134,937 per violation, as well as higher insurance premiums.




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