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MULTIMODAL Online Training Certification Courses

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We offer a selection of multimodal online courses based on the DOT, IATA, and IMO regulations for all employees and employers (see complete list below).

Training can begin immediately anywhere there is an Internet connection. Upon successful completion the student will have immediate access to a printable certificate and wallet card.

Multimodal shipping training covers the safety measures and associated hazards involved in shipping dangerous goods by road, air, rail, and vessel. Multimodal HAZMAT shipping is unique because preparations that protect dangerous items on one platform may not protect them on another. Training requirements vary based on the shipment method and whether domestic or international transport is involved.

International ocean shipping certification requires IMDG training, while IATA DGR regulations apply to air transport. Because of the risks dangerous goods pose to people, animals, and the environment, everyone who works with HAZMAT in any capacity needs to understand multimodal HAZMAT shipping requirements.

DOT shipping training is required for anyone involved in the packaging, marking, labeling, and transporting of hazardous materials. This applies to both domestic and international shipments. The DOT coordinates with other agencies, including IATA and IMO, to enforce safety standards for air, ground, rail, and vessel shipments.

Multimodal shipping certification is ideal for workers who pack, load, transport, and inspect hazardous materials that are subject to IMO, IATA, and DOT shipping regulations.




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